Monday, August 1, 2011

On the games they play

Ask a kid nowadays about “Tumbang preso,” “piko,” or “hipo taya” and he might react with a blank face. Ask him about “FarmVille”, “Pet Society” or “DoTA” and he might give you an excited look, and he might even explain to you what these three are. Chances are, kids nowadays no longer now these classic outdoor
games – they’ve spent more time playing online, or with their computers and gadgets, more than playing with actual kids.

It is a sad fact that kids nowadays are growing up without ever playing these outdoor games. While it is not bad to let them play computer games, there are skills and experiences that only these physical games can teach kids.

While computer games may have social components in which gamers may interact with each other, there’s nothing like old school playing that develop social skills – kids get to meet other kids, play with them, and learn how to get along with them, without having to throw expletives around everytime they lose a match.

Children also get roughed up physically – some of them get bruises with these games, but it teaches them about themselves and their physique. These are their limits, and this is how to deal with them.

Letting children play outside a great option to teach kids lessons about life and being human. These natural choices should be prioritized as they the better choices – especially in the long run.

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