Friday, August 12, 2011

The nanny diaries

Nannies, or Yayas as we call them, have almost been a staple sight in Filipino households. With both parents having to work, many of them choose to hire a yaya to care for their children. Even some stay-at-home moms find that the assistance of a yaya as something very helpful, especially to childcare.

Letting a stranger take care of your child can be very scary. Which is why parents have to be very careful when they hire a yaya, and when they let the yaya take care of the child alone.

What parents have to remember is that even if they hire a yaya, they should not forget traditional childcare practices. In today’s society where both parents have to work, they still should be hands-on with how they take care of their kids. The best presence and influence for children after all, is and will always be their

Although it might be tough and consuming, having an active hand in your kids’ formative years is very important. Seeing their growth for yourself is priceless, and that ability to shape their future is something that only parents have.

The natural choices are often the best choices in life. They are more cost-efficient, they are better especially in the long run. While it is commonplace to have an extra hand with a yaya in today’s society, it should be remembered that nothing can replace the active hand of parents in the growth of their children.

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