Friday, March 16, 2012

Ascof Lagundi sends a big thank you to NIRPROMP (and why you should thank them too)

The Philippine herbal industry has indeed come a long way. Herbal medicinal plants and their use in treating illnesses have been part of our culture since early civilization and passed on from countless mothers to children for generations and generations. But did you know that it was only until after World War II when research on their effectiveness and safety actually started?

The National Integrated Research Program on Medicinal Plants (NIRPROMP) was formed in the 1970s and composed of a group of scientists drawn from the academe and other research institutions. Its primary mission is to make available inexpensive medicines of proven therapeutic efficacy to Filipinos and to study medicinal plants in depth.

Since its inception and until now, the NIRPROMP has been working tirelessly to provide Filipinos with safe, effective, good quality and affordable health care products specially in the form of herbal medicines.

Through their tireless and dilligent efforts in research, strict clinical testing, and adhering to government as well as international standards, medicinal plant products such as Akapulko lotions, Sambong tablets, and Lagundi tablets and syrup have been made available to Filipinos nationwide.

The commitment and perseverance of NIRPROMP is a proof of the Filipinos’ ingenuity. There is truly nothing more fulfilling than harvesting the wealth of nature to provide the Filipinos better and healthier lives. And to that, we say, Thank you!


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