Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our First Natural Mom of the Week!

Hi Natural Mommies!

We recently interviewed Mommy Maye Domencil, a chemist by profession, a fulltime wife to an ever patient and understanding husband, and 24/7 mom to their little bundle of joy. She writes at http://momayes.blogspot.com about motherhood and how she makes sure that her son is safe. Being a Chemist, she knows about the harmful chemicals that might cause danger to her son and family as well.

We learned so much from our interview with Mommy Maye that we wanted to feature her as our very first Natural Mom of the week in our blog! Read on to get to know Mommy Maye and how she is a great example of a Natural Mom!

Why she uses natural products...
Mommy Maye told us that being a chemist, she knows how chemicals could harm people and she uses this knowledge as an advantage for her family. When her son has colds, she will first give him oregano (which he has been taking since he is 1-day old). Also, instead of giving him bottled baby food, she prepares natural foods from fruits and vegetables. She and her husband also dry up malunggay leaves to make tea and also use it to garnish their baby's congee. She always uses natural remedies and herbal medicine first before taking any prescribed medicines.

Why use Natural Products and her top Natural Remedies:
Sensing a great amount of trust for Natural products from her, we asked why she prefers Natural products especially for her family and she replied, “I use natural products because it is natural and has no chemicals on it”. Aside from that, she says that, “A natural product has more preserved nutrients than chemically treated products”.

Because of this, she was happy to share with us her favorite natural remedies, which include using oregano leaves for her son’s colds; garlic for yeast/fungal infection; serpentina as an antibiotic; guava leaves as antiseptic (which are also effective against yeast infections when used as steam bath because after 2 days the wounds caused by the infection would be almost healed); brown sugar for diarrhea; and using tea for her son’s bath as it makes her son’s skin flawless, whiter, and helps prevent rashes as well.

On one of her challenges as a Natural Mom:
Mommy Maye’s current challenge is about switching from disposable diapers to reusable cloth diapers. She has read about so many disadvantages of disposable diapers and has made up her mind to switch to a more natural alternative because by doing so, she's not only able to save money but also, do her part in saving the world by minimizing her use of non-biodegradable materials that may contribute to global warming.

At the end of the day, being a true natural mom, Maye appeals to everyone to shift to a more natural lifestyle, "In this age, where everything is all instant, diseases are also instant. Using natural medicines and ingredients will free us from harmful chemicals. Though they are claiming it in a minimum level, its accumulation in the body might be harmful to us in the long run. Also, we can save by using natural ingredients and medicines. My husband is planting herbal plants and vegetables in pots and empty milk cans. We do not need to buy medicines because it is already in our home. Aside from that, I can assure that the food I am giving my son is free from pesticide residues and other chemicals that were used on it.”

How about you, fellow Natural Mommy? Why do you choose to live a more natural life? Leave a comment or send us an email at naturalmomsph@gmail.com and you could be our next featured Natural Mom of the Week! 

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  1. Using natural products (medicinal plants) in treating sickness is fun especially if you are very much into gardening...

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    Furthermore, the following the right procedure in using natural plants (e.g. extraction of plants) must also take into action to achieve best results.

    Thanks to one of our favorite programs in radio (Healing Galing) which gives informations on natural healing as well as teaching how to use natural healing the right way...